FPL Halo

Written by iSo Berry on April 3rd at 2:25pm

We have previously announced this but wehttps://isolation.gg/tournament/63/overview will once more with all the details. We are hosting a Halo 3 tournament with the intention to host more. The Halo community is one of the oldest and most passionate and we want to continue the tradition of providing high quality tournaments for such an amazing scene. Details Below

Date - April 27th, 2019

Time: 3 PM CST (Central Standard Time)

Location - Online

FPL Verified Only

Streamed - Possibly, work in progress

Game - Halo 3

System - Xbox One
Team Size 4v4

Prize Pool - $250.00 USD (Might Increase)


Where to Get Verified at - https://isolation.gg/league/2/verify

Where to sign up for tournament at - https://isolation.gg/tournament/63/overview

Active Free agent List (Not managed by FPL or ISO Staff) - https://t.co/pZElqgxlXP