4v4 MLG Variant $250

Playing Halo 3 on Xbox
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Started Apr 27, 2019 at 1PM
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ATTENTION: At the start of each round, your team must be ready to play. If your previous round is still being played, please reach out to one of those players to get an update on the series. If you have any issues with your series, please reach out to OH A QT or a FPL referee. There will be NO delays in the tournament. You will have 15 minutes from the time of the tournament to start your round. If a team is requesting cam check for that round, players will have 10 minutes MAX to complete the check. There will be ZERO EXCEPTIONS so please have your cams ready in case they are requested. If the 10 minutes have been reached and a team has not completed it, that team will be disqualified from the tournament. Game chat will not be allowed as a form of communication. This is because sometimes the enemy team is able to hear you. So you must use party chat, Skype, or Discord. One coach is allowed PER team. You’re not allowed to switch coaches in between matches. The coach you have at the start of the tournament, is the coach you must have moving forward. If any reason this rule is broken, can result in a disqualification.
SIGNUPS: You and your team must register an account individually and as a team on isolation.gg. If you need assistance, please reach out to @FemaleProLeague. Once your team has been setup, you must add your team to the Halo 3 tournament.
Roster Lock: Roster lock is at the start of the tournament so please register your team at least 24 hours before the tournament. Once we have reached tournament start time, roster lock will begin and five minutes later, the bracket will be set randomly.
SEEDING: Seeding is random for this tournament. So when the bracket is up, whatever team is on the top will be the higher seed and will be red team. Team that is on the bottom will be lower seed and will be blue team. Seeding rules will change once grand finals come. In grand finals, whatever team made it through winners finals will be red for the entire series. The team coming from losers finals will be blue team the entire series. If there is bracket reset, the team from losers will be red team and team from winners will be blue team. You will be swapping teams ONLY if losers wins first series.
G1: Higher seed G6: Lower seed
G2: Lower seed G7: Higher seed
G3: Higher seed
G4: Lower seed
G5: Higher seed
STREAMING: There must be at least ONE player from each team streaming the match on Twitch. This allows audience to get a different POV for each series since there is no observer mode. This also allows the referee to witness any lag outs and such. You can stream from your own PC setup or stream from Xbox. It is not mandatory to have a cam or allow your communication to the audience. You can mute your communication and don’t have to have a cam.
LAG OUTS: If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds or before the first kill, the game will be ended and restarted. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds or after the first kill, that player can rejoin the game. A player is only allowed TWO lag outs per series. If a player has lagged out more than two times in one game, your team must forfeit the map.
RESTARTS: There are NO restarts unless it has to do with a lag out. It is the host’s responsibility to have the correct settings. If a map is loaded incorrectly the first time, it’s a warning. The second time can result in a map forfeit.
CHEATING: There is absolutely no cheating allowed. If a player or team is caught cheating, you will be disqualified from the tournament.
CAM CHECK: At any time before the series has started, a team can request a cam check for everyone. Once the cam check is requested, you will have 10 minutes to complete the check. Cam check can only be requested once per series and before the series starts. Once the first map begins, you cannot request a cam check. During the cam check, you must show your face, controller with your hands and your monitor/TV. Uncompleted cam check can result in a team disqualification. (EXCEPTION: If a player lags out mid game or leaves the lobby randomly, a mandatory cam check is required for that player). Please have your Skype handy at all times.
BRACKET: Bracket is RANDOM so please do not ask to change or modify it. There is an estimation of 4+ teams for this tournament. If for any reason we get more, we will get everything updated. There is a chance teams could have a bye. So sit tight and wait patiently for your next match.
SETTINGS: Settings will be MLG v8 settings. The settings can be found from your temporary files.

Winners Round 1
M1: Narrows CTF
M2: Amplified Slayer
M3: Construct KOTH
M4: Onslaught CTF
M5: The Pit Slayer
Winners Round 2/Losers round 1
M1: Onslaught CTF
M2: Narrows Slayer
M3: The Pit CTF
M4: Heretic CTF
M5: Construct Slayer
Losers round 2
M1: The Pit CTF
M2: Heretic Slayer
M3: Guardian Oddball
M4: Narrows CTF
M5: Amplified Slayer
M1: Heretic CTF
M2: The Pit Slayer
M3: Construct KOTH
M4: Onslaught CTF
M5: Heretic Slayer
M6: Guardian Oddball
M7: Narrows Slayer